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Melanie Tyrrell

 Melanie Tyrrell has many titles and certificates under her belt. She has been a Massage Therapist and Shiatsu practitioner since 2002. She also is a licensed Esthetician and certified in Mercier Therapy. Melanie also has a bachelors certification in medical lymph drainage. Your health and happiness is very important to her. 

Mercier Therapy

The concept behind Mercier Therapy, or the Shared Journey Fertility Program, is deep, pelvic-organ visceral manipulation where the reproductive organs are mobilized to restore natural blood flow and mobility. This deep visceral technique helps to relieve painful and restrictive scar adhesions caused by surgery, c-sections, sexual abuse, and debilitating diagnoses such as endometriosis to restore natural and optimal reproductive function.   If this area isn’t properly rehabilitated the organs will become less functional.  Normal rehabilitation mobilizes the joint and surrounding tissue to maintain normal function and mobility within the joint.The same applies to the reproductive organs. 

Studies have shown an 86% success rate of conception within 12 months following Mercier Therapy.  The Mercier technique can be used solely as a treatment or in collaboration with treatments from your reproductive endocrinologist, OBGYN, and other healthcare specialities.  Give yourself the best chance for conception.

“Trust Yourself Awaken to the Process Prepare the Soil Allow Time Create a Miracle Celebrate Honor the Miracle Nurture the Blessing Nourish the Body and Soul Birth the Gift Bless Yourself” - Jennifer Mercier

The Shared Journey with Mercier Therapy 

is a documentary film created by Jennifer Mercier, Creator of Mercier Therapy. The film a great introduction into Mercier Therapy and is a must watch for anyone interested in the process.

Benefits of Massage Therapy





 •Insomnia related to stress

 •Myofascial pain syndrome 

•Soft tissue strains or injuries

 •Sports injuries

 •Temporomandibular joint pain

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